Hotel staff & Cruise ship hotel crew now makes extra money with this part time job during their Vacations

The hotel crew working in cruise ship industry get long breaks, sometimes even up to three months’ vacation, during this period most crew members cannot join or take up any full time job as they will be required to join back the cruise ship to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Caterpedia now offers a perfect solution and provides part time job opportunity (PAJOBO) that allows the crew and the hotel staff to freely register themselves and express their availability to work part time during their vacations.
1. Crew /Hotel staff can choose their preferred time and day to do their part time job.
2. Crew/Hotel staff has a privilege to accept or not accept the customers/clients day wise/part time offer.
3. Crew/Hotel staff can edit and update their availability easily from their mobile phones.
4. Crew/Hotel staff can negotiate and quote their final price.

Quick register now in and make some money!!!!

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