Pedia de Caterers


The Messiah of the catering industry has virtually arrived bringing about a revolution cum renaissance in the way people cater and the way customers benefit. This is no exaggeration as we write about this latest site that will change forever the way not only catering but also the way hospitality industry works.

Yes if you’re looking for Classified catering information, if you’re looking to 100% genuine review based opportunity, if you’re expecting five star rated chefs to cater to you personally in the private chambers of your home or looking for part time job opportunities that ring in the currency chimes for you as a caterer or chef in you you’ve found your platform.

Where life is a celebration most of the time we all end up searching for caterers sooner or later, until yesterday it was quite  a daunting experience as customers had to put up with the caterers conditions such as their  rates or guarantee of a certain number of guests, besides a customer wouldn’t know the taste or the final outcome of the food or the presentation until the event itself unfolded ,not anymore as here you find reviews and based on the reviews you take your decision of hiring .Even from a caterers perspective it means an established business connect, healthier competition and more business.

Customer feedback: Last week I was looking for a good caterer for my son’s birthday party I really didn’t know how to go about finding the perfect caterer as first most of the websites list caterers and their contacts but there are rarely any reviews to go by, again one cannot be sure of their specialty preparations or the taste expected or the quality of the preparation or the materials used. This is where caterpedia( ranked above the rest!!

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