Reviews: Your opinion counts!

In today’s world everyone is looking to make their special event perfect, right down to the last detail. The catering, decoration, photography, guest list and a hundred other things form a part of hosting this perfect celebration.

This involves many many hours of searching for the right service provider and asking a bunch  a of friends for recommendations! Now what if we tell you there is a simple way to get an idea of the service and quality of any of these vendors!

Yes, Caterpedia is a community based website that not only gives you information on caterers but other services too along with real user reviews and ratings!

You can log onto and search for caterers by city, cuisine, etc to suit your requirements. We simply ask you to strengthen our community by providing feedback for any service provider you have have used in the past. This will help other users as well to make an informed decision.

We wish you the best in your event.

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